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Boxwood Blight FAQ Sheet

This Boxwood Blight FAQ fact sheet was compiled in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.   Additional questions and answers may be added to this fact sheet as we continue to address this issue in Illinois and more information becomes available. Boxwood Blight FAQ


IL Department of Ag Formally Declares Boxwood Blight a Nuisance 

After a public hearing at the Illinois Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Illinois Director of Agriculture Raymond Poe yesterday signed a declaration to affirm Boxwood Blight a nuisance in Illinois.  "Now that Boxwood Blight is a known nuisance in Illinois, we can begin the eradication process and keep it from spreading," said Director Poe. "The Illinois Green Industry Association, along with the affected nurseries, have been very cooperative and we look forward to working with them to contain this disease."

IGIA President Mark McWilliams of CopperTree Outdoor Lifestyles and IGIA Executive Director Joe Khayyat attended last week’s hearing, as did a handful of association members.  McWilliams testified in support of the Department of Agriculture’s proposal to declare boxwood blight as a nuisance in Illinois.   McWilliams pointed out this is a sound strategy based on science and that “it is not an over-reaction or over-reach by regulators.” In addition to expressing industry support for their proposed declaration, McWilliams used his testimony to thank the IDOA for maintaining an open line of communication on this and many other issues or challenges facing our industry.  He also commended the few IGIA members already affected by boxwood blight for being totally cooperative with the Department’s inspection efforts and supportive of the strategies employed and control measures that have been implemented.  “Our members have handled this professionally and admirably, ensuring that the interests of the state’s entire green industry as well as Illinois’ landscape comes first, even at a significant cost – potentially a very real expense – to their own companies,” McWilliams said.  “I thank them for their unselfish approach and for being good stewards of Illinois’ natural and horticultural resources.”

For more details about the nuisance declaration, what it means to your nursery or green industry business or for info about boxwood blight, please visit the IDOA’s website at

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Boxwood Blight Pest Alert (pdf)

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