ICN Professional Certification 

The ICN Pro program was designed to bolster the green industry by enhancing the skills and knowledge of employees, owners, and managers. You are recognized as an expert in our industry and an ambassador for the association. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the program and respect your status as an industry expert.

With our upcoming unification with the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA), we’re looking forward to a lot of great new programs and training that we will be able to offer the industry, especially to areas outside Chicago. Unfortunately, one of the programs that will be discontinued is the ICN Pro Program. The program has declined in participation in the last five years, falling from over 300 participating professionals to just 62 remaining. Although we have tried to breathe new life into the program with features on GardenIllinois.com and social media, participation at InVigorateU, and more, we have not regained momentum.

The ICN Pro study manual and paper exam have not been updated for over a decade and as such, would require a significant overhaul to address the challenges today’s horticulture professionals face in their work. Making content updates and moving the content to a digital platform would require significant resources that don’t match the waning level of interest in the program.

How does this affect the certification of current ICN Pros?

At the end of 2022, existing ICN Pros that are current on their certification will be grandfathered in, allowing them to use the designation in perpetuity without having to pay a renewal fee in the future. However, no additional exams will be offered to professionals looking to pursue the designation.  You will not be required to pay the $30 renewal fee in 2022 or in the future.  We hope you will join us for education and networking to further your learning, even though CEUs are no longer required for your ICN Pro designation.  We thank you for your years of dedication to IGIA and the ICN Pro program.

We encourage you to continue promoting your certification

  • Add the ICN Pro logo to your business cards, email signature, and any outgoing business correspondence (if you don't have the logo, contact the IGIA office to get a digital file).
  • Encourage your employer to add the ICN Pro logo to company marketing and promotional material where applicable
  • Display your ICN Pro certificate where you conduct appointments with customers
  • Write articles on frequently asked questions from your customers that can be used on your company website, social media, etc. from the ICN Pro on staff.  If you do, please share them with IGIA so we can publicize your work on social media and GardenIllinois.com.
  • Attend industry events where other ICN Pros are present to network and share ideas and best practices